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Shoe Repair Service in KOLKATA

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Shoe Repair Service in KOLKATA

Send a box of your old footwear at Rajdoot Shoe Repair and give us a chance to mend your choicest pair of high-heels, sandals, shoes or boots. In our continual effort to make the world a cleaner, safer, and healthier place, we at Rajdoot Shoe Repair believe that repairing and recycling old shoes is a great way to help in this cause.  Boot and shoe repair uses far less natural resources and energy than it does to make new shoes, helping keep the earth greener. When you utilize our boot and shoe repair services firm watches breitling avenger replica, not only do you save money, you save the environment as well! At Rajdoot Shoe Repair we gladly fix your old pair of shoes and breathe life into them with the help of our best services. We excel in dyeing and restoration of leather shoes. Besides being a trusted name in manufacturing Shoes for Women in Kolkata, we also specialize in repairing all kinds of shoes by providing services like re-heeling, re-soling, stitching, stretching, shining, water-proofing, protection soles, lacing, cleaning and conditioning. Why buy a new pair of shoes when you can have your favorite pair of shoes back in no time!

With extensive knowledge in the art of shoe repair we are happy to introduce services for Orthopedic Shoes for people whose feet need some special care. Being the largest provider of Shoes for men in Kolkata, our technical team understands how important a good pair of shoe is for your pose and comfort. We know exactly the kind of care your trendiest pair of shoe needs. We guarantee high quality, effective and reliable service. Our wide range of services also include insole replacement, strap repair and replacement, dyeing to change or restore color, golf-shoe repair and spike replacement. Our expert shoe cobblers have extensive experience in the unique re-soling and innovative replica creative jeweled cartier re-heeling techniques of western boots, as well as the handling and care of exotic skins. We will save your money by keeping you out of shopping malls by putting you back in those shoes that you've come to love.