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Sole Replacement

Sole Replacement

One of the reasons to spend the money to purchase a great pair of advanced harry winston histoire de tourbillon replica handmade shoes is that, if cared for properly, they should last decades. My favorite pair of shoes is a pair of crocodile Italian cap toe oxfords I inherited from my grandfather. Going on three decades, these are an incredible pair of shoes that I enjoy wearing just as much now as, I imagine, my grandfather did when he first purchased them. However, despite how great care you take of the shoe, the soles do require periodic replacing. The purpose of this article is to help you better understand when it is time to replace the soles of your shoes and your options when you do replace them.

Good soles are much like tires for a car. There are always cheaper brands out there and someone willing to replace them for next to nothing. But cheap tires can ruin the drive of a luxury automobile and always end up failing sooner than later. Shoe soles are the same. If you have invested in a fine pair of shoes, do not send them to your local cobbler where they will throw a cheap sole on the shoe using who-knows-what techniques. Instead, here at The Hanger Project, we highly recommend using an established, reputable cobbler.

It is important to replace shoe soles with an equal or better quality sole than what originally came with the shoe. Rajdoot Shoe Hospita offers several different styles and grades of soles.

Styles of Soles:

  • Leather Soles

  • Synthetic Crepe Soles

  • Natural Crepe Soles

  • Dainite Rubber Soles

  • Commando Soles

As Rajdoot Shoe Hospital explains it, "If you spend the money to purchase an expensive car, when the reliable watches replica longines elegant tires need to be replaced it makes sense to spend a few extra dollars to purchase tires that complement the car and enhance its performance. If you drive an inexpensive automobile, why would you spend extra money for a high performance tire?" I generally agree with him.

Replacing the soles of your shoes is also an opportunity to change the look of the shoe. It has become trendy lately to use different colored soles to augment the look of one's shoes. Pictured below is a pair of boots where Nick replaced original, rather bland sole with a bright red Dainite. As you can see, it completely changes the look of the shoe.